The value of a good editor

Finding someone else to help with editing our pictures and choose our collections can prove useful. It works in other fields; why not photography too?

I’ve written before about how it can be useful to simplify our pictures for maximum effect. One way of approaching this is by removing elements from the image so we are asking questions rather than just giving away the whole story.  Alternatively, we can take steps to make our images more ambiguous by disguising meanings.

This process works just as well on a series as it does on a single image. It’s an editing process, paring away at what we see to get to what is important.

We’ll use this editing technique to select a series of images to tell a story leaving the viewer to piece together from photographs which ultimately are fragmentary “snapshots” in time. Selecting just the right images can be hard!

Whichever activity we are involved in – taking photographs, processing them afterwards, choosing collections – it sometimes helps to get someone else to cast an eye over what we’re doing.

Choices, choices

Given a dozen candidate pictures, you may well find yourself selecting a different set of six for a portfolio, an exhibition or a website article. So on this website, I’m currently rebuilding my Manchester gallery – try picking six from this bunch: where would you start? (Discarding the lot of them is an option, but just humour me for a moment!)