The Heron Wood Project

COVID lockdowns brought frustrations but they also provided us an opportunity. The resulting pictures of our local woods reflected the complexity of the situation. They are now available in a new book from Blurb Books

The COVID lockdowns of 2020 brought their own frustrations, but for us, they also provided an opportunity. We had never really explored the woods and fields around where we live in the Scottish Borders before. Taking advantage of the constraints on movement, we started to walk from our back door. Crossing the sheep field we would step into the Heron Wood, and further on, along the Mill Lane towards Ednam.

Following the seasons

We started in late winter, going out most days and so we were able to follow the changes the seasons brought. In particular, we could see how the light changed from low directional light in winter to bright, aggressive overhead sunshine in the height of summer. In the woods though, the strong summer light changed to a more dappled filtered luminance. I found myself seeking out those floods of light beneath and behind the greenery.

The pictures I took, all monochrome, reflected to some extent the increasing complexity of the situation. As the rumours from the East turned into the second lockdown in the autumn, the pictures started becoming more convoluted. Then later on, as the reality hit home and the seasons changed, they became sparser.

Here are some of the photographs I took in our wanderings:

The Heron Wood – the latest book by Nick Prior

The Heron Wood is the latest collection of images from an uncertain year by photographer Nick Prior. A time to explore our local neighbourhood, to follow the changes over the months and to appreciate what we have, just outside our back door.

It is now available on Blurb Books as a 48 page softcover book at a price of £30 + p&p.

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