On Motivation

Articles reflecting on what motivates us to create photographic images.

The Heron Wood, 2020

Thought-through or intuitive? Do your pictures depend on your experience or do you just go exploring?

Struggling for inspiration? Just keep trying!

Its the middle the day in the middle of summer. The sun’s shining and you’re out with a bunch of friends intent on taking some photographs. And the light’s dreadful. What to do?
Ed Grindley on North Crag Eliminate

Ian Roper and North Crag Eliminate

How a photograph both frightened and excited me when I first saw it. Can photographs really have that sort of an impact?

Denis Thorpe and Hebden Bridge

How a black and white picture of Hebden Bridge by Denis Thorp in the Guardian in 1978 still influences how I take photographs today.
Monochrome image of the Town Walls at Berwick upon Tweed

Don’t ask me about my camera settings

When you start out it sometimes feels like other photographers are deliberately hiding the details of their craft from you. It takes a little time to realise that the most important feature of the camera is the viewfinder.

Pose questions, don’t provide answers

In a blink this book by Henry Carroll, apparently for beginners, with pages of detail on how to choose shutter speeds and apertures resolved how I should be taking photographs for maximum impact.