Images of Manchester’s buildings, old and new.

Living in Manchester presented many opportunities for photography. I particularly leant towards the buildings in the city centre, both new and old.

Other galleries

Art@Ancrum, 2020

Art@Ancrum is a very special arts and crafts event in the Scottish Borders. Sadly the virus got the better of Art@Ancrum this year but having a website means I can still at least do an online exhibition stand.
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Autumn light at Gosford House

As we started walking round the grounds at Gosford House in East Lothian the light started to turn grey, Could we find any contrast worth talking about in the trees?
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Northern Italy is one of my favourite places to visit. Food, wine, culture, and some great photographic opportunities.
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Dream-like pictures from the Cammo Estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh
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Material ingredients

Several years ago as we were building our new house, I was taken by the idea of recording some of the materials we used or found on the site.
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