Black and White Photography – Pictures for the Imagination

A very personal view of black and white photography.

Seeing the light

For my black and white photography, the game changer has been a new camera. I now use a Fuji XPro2 and its electronic viewfinder, when set to monochrome, was literally an eye opener.

Instead of getting waylaid by pretty colours, I could see through the viewfinder where all the light was coming from. Result: a step change in how I approached things.

Black and white for me is all about the light you find to put in your pictures, and not so much about what it is you are photographing. Typically I try to use the light to create depth in the picture. Not just photographing surfaces in more ways than one.

I’m often asked if I set out to take black and white or do I decide to convert colour pictures later? Most of the time I set out to take either colour or monochrome. Mixing the two in one session seldom seems to work for me. Each seems to require a specific mindset.

All the following shots were conceived as black and white: I find it easier that way.

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