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A very personal view of black and white photography.

Where black and white goes wrong

It can get pretty frustrating when you set out to take black and white, especially if you’ve been working on colour images for a good while. Here’s some where the black and white conversion just hasn’t paid off.

This image is ALL about the colour. But put it into monochrome and you discover that all the tones merge into a muddy mess. Even the edge of the sea doesn’t help it much.

Even though you might have thought the bold outline of the padlock would survive conversion to black and white, in fact the tones are so similar that the padlock almost disappears. You just can’t rely on different colours to translate into different black and white tones.

The classic colours of autumn. Sad thing is nice though they are in this version …

… in black and white, the colours translate into the same shade of grey. You have to make sure you have some contrasty structure like a tree branch to provide some interest.

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