Nick Prior


Over the years I have discovered that taking photographs makes me look at things properly. I am one of life’s systemisers: I like making sense of the complexities that surround us. I am particularly interested in line, shapes, relationships and patterns and, on occasions, even colours. As a result much of my work (but not all) is in black and white.

On good days taking photographs is, for me, a bit like meditation. I can get completely absorbed by a landscape, or the lines of a tree, or even just how the light is reflected through an underpass. Photography enables me to show other people how I see things. That’s not to say you should see things like I do! But if there’s something in my pictures that speaks to you, that’s great.

I do not document anything. I give an interpretation.

Andre Kertesz



Pose questions, don’t provide answers

In a blink this book by Henry Carroll, apparently for beginners, with pages of detail on how to choose shutter speeds and apertures resolved how I should be taking photographs for maximum impact.
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This website and opinions

I’ve put this website together as a place to develop, record and share some of my thoughts about photography. I’m not entirely sure it needs saying but the opinions expressed in these articles are mine (who else?); any errors or egregious content are mine alone.

You’ll find very little technical content on these pages – others do that sort of thing much better. You’ll also not find too much about the camera hardware I use. It just really doesn’t matter! The images on the site were created by a variety of cameras including Canon DSLRs, Canon and Fuji compacts, and an inexpensive secondhand Samsung mobile phone, and even that’s probably more than you need to know.


Nick Prior Photography is featured on the Fotobuddies website. This site is dedicated to sharing the work of a number of Scottish photographers, mostly based in the Borders and Edinburgh.