Nick Prior Photography


Expectations of Pictures

I got thinking about how we each look at images and how we bring our own expectations of how images work. What really interested me was how we deal with the times when that expectation is not met.
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The Heron Wood Project

COVID lockdowns brought frustrations but they also provided us an opportunity. The resulting pictures of our local woods reflected the complexity of the situation. They are now available in a new book from Blurb Books
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Latest stories about pictures

The Fin, 2011

Way back in 2011, I was fascinated by the buildings in Manchester – mainly the Victorian and Edwardian commercial architecture. There was lots to go at, and much that was in an attractive state of dilapidation. But there’s lots of modern buildings too and I regret not photographing more while I was there.
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Distant Horizons, 2019
Sometimes, when you take a photograph, you know immediately what it’s about. Other times, you’re not so sure. This was one of those times.
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The Serpents’ View, 2015
Has something just happened? Or is something about to happen? Or perhaps nothing ever happens up here in the waiting room on the roof of the known world.
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The Night Express, 2016
It’s as though the bridge is being cast in front of your eyes, a trail of molten gold flowing along the raised track.
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Time’s Arrow, 2016
The story behind the image. There was something about the line of gravestones not just leading to the door but also taking you back in time as you walk along beside them.
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The Farnes, 2019
Going back through my pictures, I’ve been finding it far easier to identify interesting monochrome images to document rather than colour ones. Better? Or just different?
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Late bar, Venice, 2008
The story behind the image. By daylight the scene is nothing to write home about. But at night, nearly midnight, all those extraneous elements and colours just disappeared, and the atmosphere of the Venetian night took over.
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