Wrong end of the telescope, 2019

You know how it is with old friends. You spend years in each other’s pockets then you drift apart. You get together less and less often. You end up exchanging festive greetings in December each year. And that’s about it.

You try and guess how they look now with a few decades on them. You try and remember how they looked when you were close. You struggle with this. You recall some details but nowhere near all. There was something about playing Scrabble, and writing on the shopping list they kept on their kitchen wall.

But the detail isn’t there, and there’s even less detail about some of the peripheral things that went on. And time goes on and you still haven’t been to see them.

You get the telescope out to try and see more clearly but it doesn’t help. It’s the wrong way round. And they’re getting further away.

Wrong end of the telescope, 2019

Despite my misgivings about talking too much about camera settings and other configuration matters which aren’t too important, these are the bits of technical information about this picture some folk find useful:

  • Camera: Fuji X Pro-2
  • Lens: Samyang 12mm f2
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure: 1/25 at f8.0 (handheld)
  • I use Lightroom and NIK software for sharpening and noise reduction.

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