The Tweed Crossings Project 2016 –

Maps identify over 30 river crossings on the Tweed between Kelso and Berwick in the borderland joining England and Scotland. Many, especially the fords and ferries, have now vanished. But each of them has a story to tell in the turbulent history of the region.

The Tweed for many years has been a border line between two nations; crossing it has been seen variously as adventurous, provocative or vengeful.

These days things are calmer; tracing the transitions from violence to tranquillity takes us along the river examining old loyalties.

This project aims to identify the important river crossings in the area and discover what makes them important.  I’ll then go out and find, document and photograph them as they appear today. The objective is to overlay what I find on the ground with the many threads of history from round about.

Project Development

The Crossings Project has realigned itself over time. As I have been out and about taking photographs, the pictures themselves have suggested different ways of approaching them. To start with, the pictures simply illustrated the undeniably pretty nature of the country near the river.

Currently I am finding myself more drawn to the ways across the river. I am making more monochrome images than previously to escape the “prettiness”.

This continual reappraisal is for me part of the attraction of undertaking a long term personal photographic project. The nature of the river is of course changeable, as is the way I see it, and the project will reflect that dynamic over time.

Work in Progress

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