Monochrome Berwick

The pictures were taken over a period of a couple of weeks this year (2018). I set out with the intention of replicating the film camera experience with a digital SLR. So, no post processing, shoot jpegs not raw, use a 50mm prime lens and no reviewing or chimping.

I suppose as a challenge it’s a bit contrived but spending some concentrated time in monochrome with my old 50mm lens was quite instructive. Just getting the framing right with no Lightroom to fall back on was surprisingly difficult for a while until I got my eye in.

And not seeing what I had just photographed made me feel quite, er, exposed. No way of telling whether the shot had worked. It was with a real sense of anticipation that I downloaded the day’s pictures.

Back to the old days! Just shows how much I’ve been relying on all the current bells and whistles. Why not give it a go yourself.

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