Fiddlers Ferry Panorama 2011

This image was part of a panorama project I undertook for a client in Oldham in the UK. I photographed the panorama from high in the Pennine Hills above his house. You can clearly see, from 40 miles away, the tower at Daresbury, the arch of the Runcorn Bridge and the Fiddler’s Ferry power station on the Manchester Ship Canal.

In the background are the Clwyd Hills on the left. In the distance on the right you can make out the mountains of Snowdonia, about 90 miles distant. When the image is enlarged, you can clearly see the ridge of Tryfan soaring into the clouds. This triggered a discussion on the UKClimbing website about distances you could see from hilltops in the UK.


After long discussion, we printed the image about 1 metre across for displaying in my client’s dining room. We wanted to maximise the close-up detail in the panorama while retaining the impact of a large picture. Any larger and the print becomes too blurred when examined closely, and my client was keen to able to enjoy the details.

In the full size picture we printed, you can make out jet planes circling Liverpool airport. You can see one in the image above, to the right above the power station in a brighter cloud.

With over 90 miles of sky to go at, there’s bound to be a lot of interest in the clouds. The dark clouds were a storm just passing through leaving clear blue sky behind, followed an area of higher pressure, and with the next sunlit front coming in just behind again.

The weather conditions were quite unusual for that part of the country. Not for nothing did the cotton mill owners build their mills in the damp foothills of the Pennines. Wet grey days are the norm and suit the spinning of cotton. Catching weather fronts like these was quite special.

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