Autumn light at Gosford House

An afternoon walking round the grounds at Gosford House in East Lothian started promisingly. However the clouds came over and the light turned from a lucid coastal blue to a more murky grey. The leaves had mostly yet to turn so the overwhelming look was “shades of green”, and not in a good way.

Colour photographs were clearly going to be challenging but monochrome? Could we find any contrast worth talking about in the trees?

As it turned out, we could. The woods in the grounds have broad walks running through them which let the light in very nicely. So, making sure one of the walks was in the background it became possible to introduce some interesting gently backlit effects into the pictures.

Back at base it was possible to enhance the soft light filtering through the remains of the leaves. In Lightroom I increased the white tones rather more than usual and reduced the clarity somewhat. This had the effect of softening the light under the branches and adding a misty feel to the scene which matched the early autumn ambience just fine.

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